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Chance for Change


Every Student Succeeds: Educating lifelong learners and inspiring civic responsibility.


The Chance for Change Academy will equip students with the tools to manage their behavior and identify necessary resources needed to improve their academic achievement through (a) behavioral interventions and supports and (b) therapeutic interventions and supports incorporated into the instructional day. The Academy serves as a temporary placement for students whose matriculation in the traditional setting had been disrupted by various circumstances and also, based on a case-by-case basis, for students that request participation in the Academy.

Campus Highlights:

  • Each CFC student is assigned an academic adviser who monitors their academic and social progress.
  • CFC students are able to participate in all extracurricular clubs and activities at their base school, including sports, with administrative coordination with their base school.
  • Students at CFC may be eligible to participate in therapeutic day treatment counseling.
  • CFC students typically participate in classrooms with a maximum of 7:1 student to teacher ratio.
  • On-going communication with the base school to assess progress.
  • Students who meet the criteria to successfully complete online courses can participate in these at CFC.

Entrance Criteria

Students may attend the Chance for Change Academy for the following reasons:

  1. Recommendation from a disciplinary hearing
  2. The transition from a non-ACPS facility
  3. Parent request/application

Exit Criteria

Students assigned to CFC are assigned for a period of time -based on the determination from a disciplinary hearing, or agreed upon by the administration and family if the placement is voluntary. 

Exit criteria will be based on the following;

  1. Excellent Attendance
  2. Academic Performance
  3. Positive Behavior

If you are interested in applying to attend the Chance for Change Academy, please contact your Dean of Students for additional information.